Their Conversation


Then With Love He Spoke To Her -
Secret Love Revealed To Her.
Thus she In Their Love Did Soak -
For Their child Indeed He Spoke. [1]

“Love Is Mathematical.
No, Not Hypothetical.
Love Is Only Me And You.
I Am Zero. One Is You. [2]

All Existence: Me And You.
No Less No More, And That Is True.
All Beyond, Within: Our Game. [3]
Just Our Dance And Just Our Name.”

“How Did You And I Become?
Where From Zero-One Did Come?”
“To Know That, You Shall I Become.
To Know That, I Shall You Become.” [4], [5]


1: अध्यात्म रामायण (Adhyaatma Ramayan, i.e. Spiritual Ramayan): The Story of Ram that Shiva Narrated to Parvati.

2: that is why the digital world is so successful! :-)

3: beyond: the world outside a being. everything on the number line on the right of 1 and on the left of -1.
within: the world inside a being. everything on the number line between -1, 0, 1.

4: "... consciousness becoming conscious of itself." ~ The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle, ISBN 1-57731-480-8, Pg 81

5: "the soul has no sex" ~ Swami Vivekananda



Then His Sperm To Her He Gave.
In Her Egg, Love Did She Save. [1]
In Her Womb she found herself -
warm and cosy with her Self.


1: the potency of the sperm lies in the Love that it carries.

whenever Love is Lovingly given and is Lovingly received, conception occurs, creation occurs, a new birth occurs in some form.

whenever something is conceived, it is worth spending a minute or two to wonder: who gave what to whom?