Holy Matrimony


Then with her father's permission
Took Her He In His Unision
Oh With Love He Looked At Her
Color His Came Onto Her [1]


1: She acquired His attributes. one of His attributes: करपूर गौरं = karpoor gauram = camphor complexioned = white = confluence of all the frequencies of the visible spectrum. Her new name : गौरी = Gauri = fair, white one. She is commonly worshipped, by the name of Gauri, by women (specially in north India) for a happy married life.

She (Parvati) is the only consort and Goddess in the Hindu system of Gods who being in Her human form (Avataar), acquired partnership with Him directly in His Divine Form. all other human forms (Avataars) of Goddesses (Radha, Sita) are associated with their corresponding consorts in their human forms (Krishna, Raam).

2: Shiva Parvati Amar Chitra Katha Pg 27,28

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  1. In a opening shloka of RamCharit Manas, Tulsi Das mentions shiv & Parvati so inseparabe just as a word and its meaning (vagartha iv sampraktau, vagartha in pratipattaye).

    While Parvati/Gauri is the changed form of Saati, the Shiva's previous consort (and there is a story behind it as to why Shiva could no longer see Saati as her consort), Shiva is the eternal God. Anurag Agnihotri