“and My Love, pray, how will she
know her Self and know You, Me?
We are sending her to Class. [1]
give the clue, how shall she Pass?” [2]

then He brought His face so near - [3]
said the secret, soft and clear.
“trust the sine and trust cosine, [4]
jump from them, reach Tangentine. [5]

submit to cos, submit to sine, [6]
then beyond, reach Love Divine.
be one with yin, be one with yang,
then be One with Us, Big Bang!” [7]


1: Class: Life

2: passing the class of life: attain Self-Realization, i.e. know one’s true Self.

3: To Her Womb

4: sine and cosine curves of trigonometry: the ups and downs of the dualities of life.

sine: the rise and fall of happiness, heat, summer, light, logic, being masculine, the active responsive force, positive, yang

cosine: the rise and fall of sorrow, cold, winter, dark, intuition, being feminine, the passive receptive force, negative, yin

5: the tan curve of trigonometry: from Infinity to Infinity

6: “Know the masculine, But keep to the feminine” The Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff, Page 199.

submit: keep to the feminine: passive, receptive, intuitive, finding fulfillment in surrender.

7: Big Bang: Enlightenment

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