Song From The Old Testament

Quotation taken from a translation of the Septuagint, the earliest known (circa 250 B.C.) version of the Old Testament. From Proverbs 8:3-31 (excerpts):

For at the gates of the Mighty, She hath taken a seat,
and at the entrance thereof chanteth Her song:

"In the beginning, before the Lord made the Earth
When He furnished the Heavens, I was with Him;
and when He set apart His throne on the winds
When He set to the sea its bound,
and the waters passed not the word of His mouth
I was harmonizing with Him. I was the one in whom
He delighted, and I was daily gladdened by His
presence on all occasions."

note: all of the above text, including the note on its original source, is taken from the book Linda Goodman's Love Signs (by Linda Goodman), Pgs 16,17.

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