as she grew up she did play
games her brothers loved to play
t.t., cricket, monopoly -
made no sense a doll to she.

yet the precious times to her
hours of solitude they were.
like a monkey she would climb
to the roof at evening chime.

to the sky her heart would soar
sunset colors - art galore!
she was very quiet then
let the inner stir happen.

oh the depth of blue did call -
can you paint my inner all?
and the scattered crimson band
toss of color from Their hand!

every day a new grandeur
every moment more n more.
specks of Love sprinkled asunder
put her into silent wonder.

display majestic for her sake -
Their dance in sky, n one more take.
They did throb n she with Them -
empty vessel Their rhythm.

to be continued ...

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